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Logs and Words are boring. I'm depressed. I'm gonna stop. That was quick.

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I still don't sleep. I can't and don't want to. I guess today's word might be "Sleepy".

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I started working on a new sub-service for Logs. It's called Words. It's quite simple: everyday, I'm supposed to publish a word describing the best the day I had.

I DON'T KNOW IF IT'S A GOOD IDEA, or if I won't get boring after some time but I thought it might be fun? And maybe more easier than writing logs.

Well. Maybe. Because it's hard to describe a day using one single word: I though of "Slow", then "Sick" for today. Then I remember I wasn't feeling alright most of the day, so I choose "Moody" as today's word.

Anyway. A new project! Yay!

Excuse me, now I must go and blow my nose.

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I wanna make some mini games. I have a few ideas I put on paper. Not enough ideas, but still some.

Hopefully I'll do something..

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I don't know if this project is really useful. I just wanted to log stuff, keep track of things I do and leave a trace. But, lately, I don't really see the point of it. Maybe I'm just falling back into depression, at least I feel like I kinda am..

I don't really know what to do, I can't really find any meaning in anything I do.

My projects are slow, my hardware sucks, and I feel like I'm weak or that my skills are low..

I try to do stuff.. But things I recently did ended up not working so.. Not really I can't find any motivation in anything lately..

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I'm a recognized citizen since last Tuesday! Wow!

Anyway. About my projects? Ah pfff. Naaaah. Nothing. No, yeah, seriously, nothing has improved. My life and mood hasn't either. I'll try to work a bit more over the weekend.. No promises.

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The new interface is getting better. Logs show up properly, I can publish log directly on the website again..

Things are improving, at least here. The editing feature is still not fixed though. And I've got some other stuff to adjust.

Anyway. As for myself, I think I'm okay, even if I tend to get a little too sentimental and sad lately.. I got into a bad mood and I cried again.. for the same reasons..

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Update: Actually, the project doesn't work and I have to manually push logs in the database to publish them. I have work to do.. but I'm still not really motivated and really not thrilled by the idea of fixing glitches it so it might take some time.

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Hi, I'm glad to have you here. You're currently reading the very first log I'm publishing in my logs. Well, to be honest, it's not the first because I deleted about 50 logs when I fell back into depression, many months ago.. Anyway, I'm publishing this because I'm fixing this project and making a new UI, which would hopefully be coming soon.

And, just to keep track of things, know that my logs were first introduced in February 15, 2017. I would assume the projects was working and my first log was publishing then.

Have a nice day. Don't look at me when I cry. Bye!